September 17, 2019

Success Leaves Clues…

Tony Robbins has always said that “Success leaves clues.”

I can tell you that it’s true, and not only that, it’s more important right now than ever before that you pay close attention to this powerful success strategy.

If you thought that things moved fast on the Internet, now you add the major, unprecidented shifts in our economy on top of that and what you have is a very chaotic situation that you’re going to need real help to navigate successfully.

So what can you do right now to start making your way back on track? [Read more…]

The Key to Building a Business That Will Make You Wealthy

It never ceases to amaze me how many people I meet who think that just because they have a business, a web site, some products to sell, that they, by default, should be wealthy.


You mean just because there is a car in garage, I should be able to win the Indy 500?

Or because I own a pair of running shoes, I should be able to run in and win marathons! [Read more…]

Marketing Expert Has Advice for Job-Seekers

San Diego, CA September 10, 2011: Sending out resumes could  actually be sabotaging your chances of getting hired, says a  leading marketing expert.

Reached at his San Diego office leading marketing expert, Robert  Imbriale believes that the time for the traditional resume has  passed and it’s time for a more pro-active approach to finding a  new job.

According to Imbriale, “Your  resume alone is not a suitable  document to convince a would-be employer to hire you. The resume  is a secondary document that lets potential employers know where  you’ve been and what you’ve done. But what employers really want  to know is what you’ll do once they decide to invest in hiring  you.”

Point well taken. He makes it clear that in order to get the  interviews that lead to real jobs, you’ve got to write your cover  letter so that it focuses on your most valuable skills and how  they will benefit a potential employer’s business.

Most job seekers either skip the cover letter altogether, or use  the exact same cover letter for every job they apply for, and  this, claims Imbriale, “is a big mistake.”

Imbriale is not your typical employment coach. Instead he’s a  veteran marketer who teaches business owners to see their  marketing through the eyes of their customers. He insists that  job seekers must also be able to see the job application process  from the standpoint of the employer.

“Candidates for a job opening must be able to make the case to a  potential employer that they are indeed a good investment,” he  says. He’s a person that should know because he learned the hard  way how to present himself as the right person for the job after  sending more than 600 traditional resumes without securing a  single interview in over 6 months during a time when he himself  was unemployed.

“I thought I would be hired after sending out just 10 resumes,”  he recalls thinking, but after 6 months and more than 600 resumes  without a single interview, he knew there had to be a better way.  Once he changed his approach, he received 3 job offers in a  single week.

“Focus your cover letter on the value your skills, knowledge, and  experience can and will bring to a potential employer instead of  leaving it to the employer to decode your real value from your  resume alone,” says Imbriale.

While some people say it’s a numbers game, Imbriale says it’s all  in how you present yourself that determines how quickly you get  hired. “Unfortunately,” he says, “most people have never been  taught how to present themselves effectively.”

To help job seekers, he’s created a new downloadable audio  training program that’s available now on his web site, for just $9.95.

He says “that job seekers who follow this advice will  dramatically shorten their time to becoming gainfully employed,”  says Imbriale.

With competition at an all-time high for the few jobs that are  available, job seekers need every advantage they can get. Could  this be the answer that gets you out of the unemployment line and  back to work? You be the judge.