November 18, 2017

eCoach 39: That One Thing

Want a powerful way to take things to the next level in your business?

Here’s something I do on a regular basis that results in near-constant growth in my business and it’s really easy to do too!

Let’s talk about it in this edition of Coach’s Corner.

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eCoach 38: Momentum: Success Made Simple

The “secret” to lasting success! If you want to be more successful in your business, your profession, your career, or even in your relationships, what you’ll discover today is a way to to all of these things. It’s literally the habit that most every person who achieves success in their lives practices, yet it’s rarely spoken about. Let’s talk about it in this edition of Coach’s Corner.

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eCoach 37: High Speed Success Strategy

Are you looking for a quick way to bump up your success? Of course! We all are! Yet one of the most effective ways to bump up your level of success both in business and in your persona life is often over-looked. Let’s talk about it in this edition of Coach’s Corner. Plus, is e-mail really dead? We’ll answer that question and more on today’s show!

eCoach 35: Your Million-Dollar Business Idea

Everybody I meet, or so it seems, has a million-dollar idea they can’t wait to share with me! But are their ideas really viable? Will their ideas actually work? Can they be put on the market? Let’s talk about it in this edition of Coach’s Corner.

How to Get Started with Live Streaming Video


Live streaming video is a true game-changer, yet it may also be a little overwhelming and you may not know where to start, what to say, or how to introduce yourself. Watch this episode and learn how to get past the fear and start using live streaming to build your business, your brand, and your income too!


eCoach 30: You’re Doing it all Wrong!

How do you REALLY make more money in your business? Is it just a matter of marketing more, advertising more, promoting more, or is it something else? In this episode, we’ll look at the big key to making more money fast – and it’s not what you may think!

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eCoach 29: What Phase are You In?

Hustle and grind. Is this really how to build a successful career? It can be part of the answer, but it’s far from getting you to where the big money lives! In this episode of Coach’s Corner, we’ll explore the phases of your career or business and what each one means and why you want to align your goals with getting to the “Big Money” phase sooner rather than later.

Personally, this was a huge revelation in my own career and it completely changed the way I was going about building my business. Today, less effort, more income is my mantra and it all started when I began to understand the different phases of business.

You know what my clients ask for my help with most often?

They want to know how to get their business to grow, but have seen so many things fail, that they’ve lost hope.

Think about this for a moment. We’re all facing this challenge at some level right now. We want a bigger, more successful business, yet so much of what we try seems to fall flat instead of producing results.

If you are experiencing this in your business, I promise you, you’re not alone.

OK, so that does pretty much nothing to help you. Just knowing you’re in good company with most every business going through the same things can be settling, but not really helpful.

What can help you is to understand one key word: momentum.

This one little word has been responsible business turn-arounds, even with clients who were just about to give up!

If you want to be one of those businesses, you’ve got to embrace the idea that success does not happen in a flash, it does not come to those who are nice, and it does not come by accident.

Success in your business, comes from building momentum, and then doing everything in your power to keep that momentum rolling in your favor.

This is how you can do just that:

Failing to build, and then maintain your momentum will almost guarantee that your business will always be floundering instead of thriving. I’ve been on both sides of this and I will tell you, having momentum makes all the difference in the world!

You can do it too, and you should!

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Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale

It’s over between us.. and there is no going back..

No, I’m not talking about you and me, I promise! We’re good, really good!

I’m talking about 2013, the year that was by far the most challenging year I’ve ever experienced yet. And it wasn’t just my business, it was a rough year for every business owner I know, without exception.

It felt as if the earth beneath our feet was constantly shifting and it was hard to get a solid foothold to be able to push forward.

That’s the bad news. While I’m not a big fan of harping on the bad, it’s a great place to start, but not to hang onto.

Tomorrow, we begin a fresh new year. Now just changing the date on a calendar doesn’t wipe out everything, but I know that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

After this past year, I feel stronger than ever. I feel more confident in my work because of the storms of the past year.

In some respects, I’ve become a master at “desperate marketing” where the odds are stacked against you, the budget is gone, and there are only a few days left to make sales.

This is trial-by-fire, and it’s an experience I would not have traded for anything.

I suspect that in 2014, there will still be bumps, things will continue to be rough, but you and I are now experienced in dealing with the rough stuff, and so I firmly believe that we’re going to see things improve on a personal level.

Forget about the economy, and focus instead on your own financial health.

Forget about health care laws and the disaster that our health care system and do things to take care of yourself because it’s abundantly clear that a government run health care system will fail us all and can’t be relied upon.

Forget about the businesses that have failed around you. Realize that when a business fails, there are more customers for those that are still open for business.

Forget that people are short on cash and have slowed their buying to a snail’s pace and instead focus on the few that are still buying, who have money, and who are moving forward despite what may be happening around them.

Learn to become selfish (not mean). In other words, be sure to take care of you before trying to take care of anybody else. After all, you may think you can help others when you’re in trouble, but you can’t. You must become strong, then you will have the power and resources to help others.

We have much to be thankful for, and much to look forward to.

I promise you, 2014 will be a better year!

Happy New Year to you and those you care about most.

I look forward to seeing more of you on the other side!

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
‘The Happiest Marker Alive!”



Do This Rather Than Lower Your Prices

This past weekend, I had a chance to chat with a family member who runs a computer repair business. What was interesting is that his primary marketing model was that he charges less for what he does than the competition.

This is a very common practice in that a business owner will “think” that by charging less than the competition, they are “marketing.”

We know, after decades of research on the topic, that people don’t buy on price alone and in fact, price figures into their buying decision less than 5% of the time!

So if dropping your prices is your only marketing strategy, you’re missing the point of marketing.

Here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider instead of simply putting things on sale:

1) Add Value: Rather than lower your price, add items to your offer that boost its VALUE. You could add some digital content (e-books, reports, audio, and/or video) to your offering. If you’re a service business, you could add some additional time onto your service, or offer to do something more than you usually do. Think of the hair stylist who also gives you a little head massage before getting into your hair!

2) Show Them What Else it Can Do: In other words, you may want to paint an even bigger/brighter picture of what owning what you’re selling will do for your customer.

Think of the infomercials that sell steak knives and they show you what other things you can do with their steak knives. Maybe you can cut watermelon, tomatoes, bread, etc. You get the idea.

3) Take Them Farther Down the Path: Instead of just being focused on what your customer will gain in the immediate term, let them know what buying your product or service will give them in the weeks, months, and even years ahead.

For instance, if I were to sell you a marketing training program, I would mention that once you learn what I have to share with you, you’ll have those skills to use as much as you’d like for the rest of your career. Then I might ask, what is that worth to you?

4) Make the Price Disappear: Yup, you MUST make the price disappear in the minds of your customers. If cannot become the reason why they choose not to buy from you.

In the case of my family member who fixes computers, I asked him what it was worth to a company that had valuable data locked up in a failed computer if he were able to recover that data for them?

His answer told a very different story about what he could be charging his clients because lost data can represent tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity for a company. In that light whatever his price was would be seen as a bargain by a company with that issue.

Here is my advice for you.

Only lower your prices if everything you’ve tried has failed to work for you. In other words, dropping your price is a last ditch effort and should only be used to avoid closing the doors of your business, and should never be used as standard practice in your marketing.

Be Outstanding!
Robert Imbriale