April 5, 2020

About Robert Imbriale

He’s been described as one of the most passionate people alive. His message is clear, entertaining, and powerfully life-changing.

What really defines him as a leader in a class all his own is his life-long commitment to delivering the best of what he has discovered from his own quest to be best he can be in his own life.

What is it that causes people to want to hear Robert again and again?

In the words of many who have heard him speak, it’s “his passionate presentation style” that has participants on the edge of their seats from the moment he steps on stage until the time he leaves.

Robert offers the perfect combination of powerful speaking skills and an incredible wealth of knowledge he is only all-too-eager to share.

Robert is well-known as the man who took on a job as Director of Marketing for a $60 Million corporation and added $20 Million dollars to their bottom line in his first 10 weeks on the job without ever having worked a day in marketing his entire life!

What he did then and what he continues to do for his clients to this day is pull from his wide-range of life experiences to offer a very unique perspective on creating success that’s much faster and much more effective than the norm.

From his best-selling book, Motivational Marketing, to his life-changing Motivational Wealth seminars, Robert’s clients given the absolute best and most valuable information to help them create the kind of success they aspire to achieve.

A favorite repeat guest on radio shows, podcasts, teleseminars, live events, and television, Robert is a true professional eager to share, eager to help, and passionate beyond a reasonable doubt about his mission in life.

From the time he was just 6 years old, he knew something about him was different. The way he understood the entrepreneurial mind, they way he thought like a marketer, and how easy selling his young friends on his ideas and plans was made him a natural choice as leader of his school-aged friends.

In high school, Robert was mostly spending his time teaching himself about photography, cinematography, and copywriting for advertising. His teachers knew that assigning him a 500-word composition would result in getting back 17 hand-written pages instead.

In 1980, at the age of 16, Robert bought his first personal computer. He got his first taste of the online world in 1984 when he connected to an online service known as “Q-Link” which soon after became America Online. He began selling online in 1989 when he set up a simple online bulletin board system (BBS) selling market research reports.

Little did he know his computer “hobby” would later lead him to the top of the Internet marketing world as he finished his formal schooling and pursued what he thought would be a lifelong career in photography.

Robert completed his schooling in Montreal, Canada and was the first student in his school’s 20-year history to open his own photo studio by the time he graduated.

His near immediate success as a commercial photographer resulted in accounts with large corporations which gave him his first glimpse of the advertising industry. Soon after relocating to New York city in search of bright lights, fame, and fortune, he left his photography career to pursue his passion for marketing.

By the time he was just 24 years old, he had served as Director of Marketing for a national multimillion dollar direct marketing firm in New York where he increased sales by more than $20 Million in just 10 weeks. He served as Director of Marketing for 2 other major direct marketing firms before deciding to leave the corporate world in 1995 to build his own consulting business.

He formed his current company, Ultimate Wealth, Inc. in the summer of 1999 and has been helping business owners around the world ever since.

Robert combined his years of experience in corporate marketing with his passion for personal development and has since become one of the world’s top business motivators of our time.

He has appeared on both national radio and television and currently delivers live seminars to people around the country.

He is currently President and CEO of Ultimate Wealth, Inc. and hosts his own radio show, “The Motivational Marketing Show” available online and on-demand at iTunes.com

Robert is a passionate and entertaining speaker as well as a true friend to those who know him best.